[Staxus] Alejandro Marbena & Will Sims (720).mp4


It’s arguably the worst kept secret in the biz, but the fact remains that young Will Sims is the biggest slut on two legs – a fellow who will quite literally do anything to get a nice big cock up his ass! So when he discovered that the STAXUS studio was being visited by Alejandro Marbena you can imagine the sudden state of overbearing excitement that swept over the lad. For not only is the handsome Dominican a fine specimen of alpha male superiority – a man who was born to be worshipped – but in keeping with that status he possesses one of the biggest, most utterly desirable cocks on the planet!

As such, Sims was almost gagging to be given the chance to prove himself – and, as you’ll very quickly appreciate, he did himself (and us) proud. Clearly he’s a fellow who knows exactly how to make a dick feel special; and having abandoned his workout session in order to claim possession of Marbena’s engorged phallus, is soon giving every inch of that thick black knob the very keenest attention. Not to be outdone, Marbena returns the compliment and even rims the young lad’s ass-hole, but we all know that Sims won’t be happy until he’s sat on his new-found buddy’s cock and riding up and down every single inch of hard flesh on offer.

An objective that he soon achieves, it must be said – marking the signal of a breathtaking fuckfest, which sees Sims’s ass stretched to the max. By the time both these fellows spew the contents of their nads to all and sundry there’s every good chance you’ll be drained of every last drop of cum in appreciation!

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